Product design

Product Design/Development

ARS Mold offers customized solutions based on the specific needs of each of our clients and their end users.  We believe the key to a successful product is seamless communication at the earliest stages of the development process.  Careful analysis and a firm understanding of a client’s requirements allows ARS Mold to tackle even the most demanding requirements.  Utilizing the vast engineering resources within ARS Mold allows us to explore customized design choices which lead to cost reductions in tooling and manufacturing as well as continuous quality and reliability improvements.


Technical Analysis

ARS Mold knows the importance of communication.Our engineers use their know-how for the seamless connection between part and mold design. Therefore we do feasibility research for every plastic part. If necessary we do the special alterations to optimize the part for injection molding.



Mold Concept

After technical analysis and optimization we prepare the rough 2D mold design drawing for technical discussion. The 2D concept we use as base for the discussion with you.




Mold Design in 3D

We know that innovation is the key for new business development. We perfectly embody customers concept into the mold design. Our professional mold design and engineering department is the nucleus of our competence, and the key to your success.