Injection molding

ARS Mold has precision injection machines (from 80 to 600). We provide fully automatic tooling to facilitate good quality and competition price. The Plastic Injection are service by follows the ISO 9001:2000 Quality System.

ARS Mold has injection machines only for mold test. Every mold test are provide detail test reports (trial reports with pic+full parameter+dim reports). All molds run 4 hours and unscrew molds run 8 hours before mold shippment.

Our molding plant has experience to using many kinds of materials in molding process; we know very well every material condition and injection method. The material such as:

■PP           ■PE          ■ABS          ■PC/ABS         ■PC                ■PVC
■PS           ■POM      ■Nylon      ■PP+TALC     ■TPE              ■PA6+GF(10-50)
■PMMA   ■PET       ■HIPS         ■PPS                ■HDPE          ■PP+GF(10-30)    etc.